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The chassis for the Jr Comp/Mini Dragster is a 188” wheel base, modular 3 piece design.

The pre-loaded slip joint front clip gives the car more front clip flex to aid in the smooth and consistent transfer of weight to the rear tires while some additional bracing preserves torsional stiffness to minimize chassis roll. A safety stop is also build in to prevent over travel.

The 22” wide rear engine dragster roll cage has been certified to SFI specification 2.7C. This spec defines tube sizes and configuration for cars running 7.50 seconds and slower in the 1/4 mile. It has been designed with taller cage sides and 14” roll bar height for safety & driver comfort. It comes with a 1/8” aluminum deflector panel.

The rear clip has been engineered to fit most motorcycle and snowmobile engines simply by bolting on the appropriate mounting plates and brackets. The structure of the rear clip is designed to handle the higher horsepower turbocharged engines as well.

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