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    The Kids / Youth Racing Fire Pants is SFI 3.2A/1 Certified. Be sure to keep in mind that the YOUTH SUIT SIZING IS BASED ON THE AGE OF THE CHILD. For example, Size 6/8 means that it will fit the average child 6/8 years of age. 

    The Pants are all Black with black cuffs. On the waistband is the single layer SFI 3-2A/1 Tag, the Brand logo and the American Flag. The fire suit pants is sewn with an elastic waist so you can sit in a vehicle comfortably. The Waistband is secured with a Velcro strip after it is zipped all the way up. Please remember this is a Racing Driving Fire Suit and not your cold weather clothing.  It is designed differently and made specifically for Racing and in compliance with SFI regulations so you can race another day in the event a fire occurs.

    This American made suit is made of a treated Flame Resistant Cotton outer layer which is much lighter and actually breathes when it is not exposed to a high heat source or fire. This is a much more enjoyable material and better protection from those full Nomex suits from years gone past. These suits also come with a pleated back which ensures comfort and flexibility while racing. The chemical used to treat this material when exposed to high heat or fire, causes its molecular structure to close protecting you from serious bodily injury from burning. All fire suits are sewn with Heavy Duty Nomex Zippers, Nomex thread, and Nomex Cuffs for extra protection and durability. These fire suits exceeded SFI testing and their TPP Rating for a single layered item. 

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