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Z-Tech Series 2A SFI 38.1

Z-Tech Series 2A SFI 38.1
    The Zamp Z-Tech Series 2A SFI 38.1 Certified Head and Neck Restraint is the afforadable, fully adjustable option for certified head and neck restraints, which complyi with the new NHRA rules that took place in june of 2020. This product is the most verstile head and neck restraint on the market. The new 2A series has features have have never been seen before! 

    SFI 38.1 Certified 

    It allows advanced axis adjustment which allows you to adjust the arm angle and width.

    A spring clip quick connect allows easy connections and removals from the helmet using just one hand! 

    This product also includes washable and replacable padding, which makes it eaiser to maintain to ensure continuous comfort. 

    Helmet posts are included to make screwing in your lid more convenient. 

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